Andy Brasher

Vocals/Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica

Andy has been flooring people with his rich soulful voice, musicianship and songs since the age of 14. The proud Owensboro, KY native has a knack for crafting songs and delivering them that is distinctly his own, and has an incredible power to move people.

Dustin Bogue, aka “db”

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Dustin’s passion for writing songs and performing live stems back to his childhood in NW Iowa. His dedication and drive has always been a staple, and his passion, vision and belief in Brasher/Bogue is undeniable.

Chris Sogard, aka “Sog”

Drums/Harmony Vocals

Like Dustin, Chris is also originally from Sac City, IA. In 1999 Chris packed up and moved to Denver, CO. to join Dustin in his music endeavors and they have been partnered since. When things started really taking off for Brasher/Bogue it was the natural thing to do to bring him in. His passion is evident on and off the stage.


“Big” John Adkisson


John is one of the founding members of the Brasher/Bogue Band. He has been fully dedicated from the first rehearsal to this day. John is known for his fat groove, sick licks, his raw unbridled energy on stage.







       Kris “Mudbone” Caldwell

                                                                                                 Lead Guitar

Kris Caldwell, aka “MudBone”: When MudBone joined the Brasher/Bogue Band in June of 2013, everything changed. The intensity that he brings to the stage and the show is evident to anyone who comes to a show. Beyond that though, his positive attitude, love for the music and amazing skills have elevated the band immensely. He truly is a perfect fit.



Harry Smith

Lead Guitar & Producer

Harry has played for many great artists such as Clay Walker, Terri Clark and Restless Heart.

Harry instantly elevated the level of the Brasher/Bogue shows and recordings when he became a part of the team.

Jim Heep

Steel Guitar/Harmony Vocals

One of the favorite musicians that plays with the band, Jim has a skillset and a sound that is all it’s own. He brings energy and an edge to the B/B sound when he is along.

Jim Shields

Auxiliary Percussion/Harmony Vocals

Jim has brought a twist of personality, passion and dedication to the group. He has worked with Andy for several years and has stepped right into a big role with the group.