By God, it’s Brasher/Bogue, Real Friends and a Party Bus

Excited, dedicated Andy Brasher and Dustin Bogue fans pile into a 60 seat tour bus with hoots, hollers and the anticipation of a fun night ahead. The two hour drive to Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe has become a every other month event for some of them, some are on their first trip. The ones who couldn’t make the journey this time will likely watch the live show from their live internet feed, “Friend’s Cam”

As they roll out of the parking lot, somebody puts in the Brasher/Bogue CD, “By God, Part 1.” Even though it’s a new release and still new to the radio airwaves, these fans know every word and sing along. The original songs have become part of the personal soundtracks of their lives, “Real Friends, Perfect Little World, Outlaw, By God…” and a dozen others get the Brasher/Bogue faithful and new fans alike moving, singing, dancing… and buying bus tickets so they can hit the road with them. “… Real friends, they’ll stand by you.”

This release, their second,contains the new hit song, “Driving with the Devil” which has become the most-requested song on WBKR, Andy Brasher’s hometown radio station, for 8 consecutive weeks. The song was inspired by an audiobook project by Neal Thompson about early stock car driver and moonshine runner, Lloyd Seay. The book, Driving with the Devil: Southern Moonshine, Detroit Wheels and the Birth of NASCAR tells the story about how backwoods entrepreneurs making a living burning up stretches of back roads running moonshine evolved into the World’s most popular motorsport. The song lays down the perfect backdrop and distinct feel of this original American story too… “Cut the lights and hit the gas, turn a curve into a straight line…”

Like any of the old-school whiskey runners and the hard-core fans on their bus trips, Andy Brasher and Dustin Bogue are familiar with the road. They’ve toured from Key West to Colorado and shared the Interstates with some pretty big names. They were picked to be Kenny Chesney’s pre-show party band for his “Going Coastal” Tour in 2011.

This was a major tour with significant radio promotion in big media markets. While Andy and Dustin were playing clubs, casinos and Hard Rock Café’s the night before Chesney’s shows, the big-market radio stations were playing their tracks off of their first CD, “The Brasher/Bogue Project.” Atlanta,Chicago, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Seattle, Washington DC,and Detroit were all stops alongthe way.

Brasher/Bogue has been drawing fans everywhere they go and the list of venues and festivals is growing. While at the 2012 Key West Songwriter’s Festival they played Sloppy Joe’s, a favorite hangout of another notable writer of year’s gone past, Ernest Hemmingway. They’ve dusted-up the famous ‘Flora-Bama’,‘Toby Keith’s, I Love this Bar and Grill’ (Denver and Minneapolis) and played in front of thousands as far from home as Iowa at Lakefest in 2011 & 2012 and the 2012 Okoboji’s “Live at the Lake” concerts.

Now, By God, when they hit the road, Andy Brasher and Dustin Bogue have got a hit song and even more real friends on their hands. And to take another line from their song, Real Friends, “… and real friends are good as gold.” So are the music careers of Andy Brasher and Dustin Bogue. – Steve Champion, “Green Gazette”.